Welcome to FanSpotz!

We connect college football fans looking for that perfect parking spot with property owners or renters with space to spare. FanSpotz will be exclusively available for Arkansas Razorback football games in Fayetteville during the 2017-2018 season.

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We Simplify Game Day for Fans!

Parking is the most stressful part of the game-day experience. That’s why we help you find the parking spot that best fits your needs. You can even pay through the app!


Find a Spot

You choose the price and the proximity to the stadium. Tell the property owner - known as the Parker - you’re headed to the spot.

Get Directions

Need help finding the spot? FanSpotz uses your device’s default map service to provide you directions.


You arrive at the spot. Pay the Parker with cash or through the app. Accepted forms of payment vary by Parker but are visible when searching for spots.

We Help Parkers Earn Cash

Turn your driveway, yard or lot into cash on game day! You can even use our convenient in-app payment system.


Make $$$

You set the price of your spot and choose the accepted forms of payment.

The Power of the Beacon

Turn on your parking beacon to tell fans you have spots available! You’ll instantly appear on the map view.

Safe and Secure Cashouts

Process secure payments in-app with Stripe, a leading online transaction service. Convenience fees apply for in-app payments.